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Meet the LFTL AU21 Presenters – Sheri Long

Principal Faculty- Sheri Long

With the countdown to Learn from the Leaders (LFTL) AU 2021 on Gold Coast well and truly underway, we are getting excited about the high calibre of international faculty and guest presenters that will be attending and sharing their wealth of Pilates knowledge with us at this premier Pilates conference.

We are thrilled to welcome back BASI Pilates founder, Rael Isacowitz to Australia alongside other special guest presenter, Sheri Long.

Sheri has nearly 40 years experience in movement as a professional dancer and teacher. She has had the privilege of assisting Rael with his Mentor and Master programs and has created a number of Pilates advanced education workshops targeted to specific populations. Sheri has presented her Pilates workshops across the globe and we are so happy to welcome Sheri to LFTL Australia in April 2021.

Meet Sheri

We grabbed a few minutes with Sheri to find out a little more about what she is bringing to LFTL AU 2021 and what she is most looking forward to. These are her words…

Q. What are you most looking forward to at BASI LFTL AU 2021?

Spending time with people that are as passionate as I am about BASI Pilates, presenting, learning, and a lot of laughing!

Q. What can people expect to learn and take away from your BASI LFTL workshop and mat class?

My goal in every workshop is that you can take the information I share and use it in your next class or session.

Q. Why do you think Pilates instructors and Pilates enthusiasts should attend BASI LFTL AU?

It is an experience filled with kindness, positivity, and teachers that simply love to teach and share with others

Q. Do you know any Aussie slang?

No. But I promise to learn some!

Q. What is your favourite Aussie animal?

I am an animal lover so I can’t pick just one, can I love them all?


Sheri’s LFTL Workshops

Sheri will be presenting two workshops at LFTL AU21 – “Let’s Jump and The Spine Corrector – Compact and Complete”. She will also present her two day workshop ‘Pilates for the Mature Client as the LFTL Post Conference event.

Sheri’s workshops are super popular and are filling fast!

Grab your LFTL ticket today to avoid disappointment.

See you there!

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