BASI LFTL Australia 2021

Jordanna Smith BASI Australia Faculty

LFTL 2020 Workshops Announced

Get ready Pilates lovers, LFTL is coming to Australia in 2020.

This is a Pilates conference like no other, open to all Pilates enthusiasts.

LFTL 2020 workshops have now been announced:

Rael Isacowitz Powerhouse of the Upper Girdle & Evolution of Pilates
Sheri Long The Spine Corrector Compact and Complete & Let’s Jump
Theo Botha Find and Fix Movement Faults & With a Twist
Meredith Rogers Enhancing Athletic Performance
Jordanna Smith Breaking Down the BASI Block System : Full Body Integration
Shayne Smith The F2 System
Ed Botha Pilates for Golf

If you want to extend your time in the Gold Coast and your Pilates learning, why not come a day earlier for the Pre-Conference Day Program at the Mantra Legends which includes workshops from the following BASI Faculty:

Meredith Rogers Back to Basics with 5 Advanced Mat Movements
Simone Wagenaar – Healthy Hips Adapting for Lateral Hip Pain
Theo Botha Moving Beyond

Or stay on Post-Conference for Sheri Long’s two day workshop on 26th & 27th October Pilates for the Mature Age client @Pilates Studio 64 Albany Creek, Brisbane

If you need any help selecting your program, our BASI Pilates Australia Student Affairs Co-ordinator, Emily Lamb would love to help you plan your event program.

Contact her via email to set up a short phone call to help you build your ideal conference schedule.