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BASI Pilates Aus Graduates at LFTL 2019

LFTL 2019 Reflections by BASI Instructor Daphne Lo

In 2019 Pilates BASI Instructor and Dynamic Pilates instructor, Daphne Lo, travelled to Newport Beach, USA to attend Learn from the Leaders (LFTL) 2019. She returned to Sydney host studio Dynamic Pilates bursting with knowledge ready to share with her Pilates clients. We asked her a few questions about her experience.

Q. Which workshops and classes did you attend at LFTL 2019? Any favourites and why?

I attended the following Mat Classes and Workshops

  • Tash Barnard: Standing Pilates Mat Class
  • Carrie Smith: Pilates – Z Workshop
  • Cindy Reid: Jumpboard Technique and Foundation
  • Theo Botha: With a Twist…Shaken not Stirred Mat Class
  • Rael Isacowitz: The Multi-Dimensional Powerhouse
  • Karen Clippinger: The Foot Matters in Pilates

LFTL Workshop Favourites

I really enjoyed both Mat classes, as they both challenged a different side to Pilates instead of just lying down on the mat. I learned so much during all the workshops. I particularly enjoyed the workshop with Carrie Smith as she highlights the importance of the brain for movement control especially in PIlates, very interesting workshop indeed!

I also learned a lot during the Jumpboard workshop with Cindy Reid, it was fascinating to see how to teach Jumpboard to different body types.

Q. What was it like to meet other BASI Pilates instructors / faculty from around the world?

A. No words can describe how inspiring it was to meet so many BASI Pilates instructors and faculties from around the world. Everyone is so passionate about what they do!

Everyone I met was extremely friendly and helpful with sharing their teaching experience and encounters and recommending which books to read up etc.

Q. There’s a lot of talk about the ‘BASI family’, did you experience this feeling at LFTL?

A. There definitely is a sense of BASI family. I can say I’m happy to have a BASI family in both Sydney and Cape Town. 🙂 It was heartwarming to see those familiar faces again and to catch up with them!

Q. As a BASI instructor, what was the best thing for you about the Learn from the Leaders event? Is it something that you would recommend for other BASI graduates?

A. The best thing I learned from LFTL was: ‘Never stop learning.’ Keep yourself hungry for more knowledge; don’t be afraid to ask questions. I would for sure recommend BASI graduates to attend LFTL to be inspired even more.

Q. LFTL is coming to Australia in 2020.? Will you be there?

A. YES! Count me in!

BASI Aus students at LFTL 2019

Learn from the Leaders Australia 2020 will be held at the Mantra Legends Hotel on the Gold Coast, Australia on Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th October 2020. Featured presenters include BASI Pilates founder, Rael Isacowitz and International BASI Faculty Sheri Long, Theo Botha and Meredith Rogers alongside our own Australian and NZ faculty.
Tickets are available now. Register here,
Early bird prices end 31st January 2020

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