BASI LFTL Australia 2021

Rael Isacowitz LFTL 2019

LFTL 2019 Rael’s Wrap Up

The last few days have been so very special. My gratitude and heartfelt thanks to everyone from around the world who made such an effort to be here and in turn made BASI Learn From The Leaders 2019 such a success. Exhaustion has taken over my body, yet as I reflect back on the weekend I would not change a thing. You were all amazing! Until we meet again. Thank YOU! -Rael Isacowitz

This was by far the best BASI Learn From The Leaders conference to date, and we have so many to show our appreciation to!

To all of the attendees, BASI LFTL could never happen without you. Thank you for your positive energy and present engagement. We hope you took away more from this event than you anticipated, and have nothing but wonderful memories and stories to share. A thousand times, thank you!

To all of our amazing volunteers, there are not enough words to express our sincerest appreciation for all of your help! From check-in and registration, to proctoring workshops, to setting up for the One Family, Bright Future dinner, and overall providing positive assistance and support to our staff and attendees, we thank you from the very bottom of our hearts.

To all of our fantastic sponsors, a huge shoutout to BASI Systems, pulling triple duty as the official Equipment, Mat, and Bag sponsor for BASI LFTL-19! We’d also like to thank BASI Flex, Pilates Style Magazine, Pilates Nerd, BootyBarre, Tucketts, Peace Passion Pilates, and Newport Beach Tourism for their generous sponsorship of this event. Lastly, thank you to The Hyatt Regency Newport Beach for being such a phenomenal accommodations partner and venue for BASI LFTL-19.