BASI LIVE! LFTL AU 21 Workshops

Live Stream  Workshops

Saturday 17 April (Day 1)

Hour of Power – Mat class with Rael Isacowitz

After a live virtual welcome from BASI founder Rael Isacowitz, you can experience Rael’s legendary teaching style in this hour-long mat class.

Morning Workshop – Powerhouse of the Upper Girdle – Rael Isacowitz

This workshop is an upper girdle extravaganza! Immaculate control and correct shoulder mechanics are essential in everyday activities and in Pilates, particularly when performing the higher-level work that is often shoulder-dominant. This workshop introduces a new way of viewing shoulder function while focusing on understanding and implementing correct shoulder mechanics. Shoulder-related problems are among the most frequently encountered among clients, and shoulder-related cues are among the most common given when teaching. This subject clearly needs to be addressed and understood by every Pilates teacher. This contemporary approach to analysing this region promises to be refreshing and thought-provoking and gives the shoulder region the attention it well-deserves.


Afternoon Workshop

Choose between Theo’s With a Twist and Meredith’s Jumping It. Don’t worry the other workshop will be recorded for you to view at a later date.

With a Twist – Theo Botha

In this workshop, we’ll be looking at specific joints and how functional rotation can be utilised to optimise joint range, strength, muscle work and improve daily movement. Repertoire on various pieces of Pilates equipment will be covered, giving you an array of possibilities to explore rotation.

Jumping It  – Meredith Rogers

A workshop dedicated to the jump board. You will learn how to incorporate this piece of equipment into your classes with various exercises.

Mat Class – Finding a Time to Breathe with Shayne Smith

A class focused on various types of breathing while working from the fundamental to advanced Pilates exercises. Delve deeper into your breath patterns.

Sunday 18th April (Day 2)

Fun with the Theraband with Meredith Rogers – Mat Class

A  mat class involving therabands with BASI Faculty, Meredith Rogers. This class will explore the myriad of possibilities a theraband can bring to the Pilates mat work. We will use creative sequencing and flow to bring strength, balance and ease into our experience within the more well known repertoire. Be prepared to stretch your imagination as well as your body in this intermediate level class.

Morning Workshop -Evolution of Pilates with Rael Isacowitz

In this workshop, we will view several key elements to movement, like the vital role of the eyes in correct placement, the body’s instinctive response to stress and we will analyse and understand the infamous C-curve which is fundamental to so many Pilates exercises.

Afternoon Workshop

Choose between Theo’s Find and Fix Movement Faults and Meredith’s Enhancing Athletic Performance. Don’t worry the other workshop will be recorded for you to view at a later date.

Enhancing Athletic Performance with Meredith Rogers

This workshop will guide the instructor through the unique and valuable applications available for the athlete directly related to the Pilates method.

Find and Fix Movement Faults with Theo Botha

This workshop serves as an introduction to identifying common faulty movement patterns and how to correct them by applying simple retraining strategies.

Mat class – Mat Strong with Ed Botha

This mat/movement class will challenge practitioners of all levels. Mat Strong is a strength and mobility-focused class. This class will challenge the muscular system using both isometric and isotonic focused strength exercises. Exploring the different leverage and set up option of exercises you are guaranteed a good workout!

ON-DEMAND WORKSHOPS – Available after the conference.

The F2 System with Shayne Smith

Learn more about the BASI systems F2 Arm Chair and Spine Corrector, as well as the F2 addition to all the traditional Pilates apparatus.

Breaking down the BASI full-body integration with Jordanna Smith

This workshop will look at the categorisation by region of the body, the objectives and muscle focus while understanding the work on a deeper and more profound level of execution. Learn to apply the appropriate exercise and level of work for the client in mind.

Pilates for Golf with Ed Botha

Explore and practice some of the Pilates repertoire that will complement the unique movement patterns that are required for golf.

The Step Barrel – Compact and Complete with Meredith Rogers

This workshop will explore the myriad of ways to utilize this amazing and versatile piece of equipment for an entire session or class. We will dive deep into many exercises and variations to demonstrate the possibility of a balanced, strong and rewarding experience on the step barrel.  The repertoire will be divided according to the BASI Block System to show how to design a workout using all major muscle groups and ranges of motion.

Extra On Demand Workshops

Original Pre Conference workshops will now available  ON DEMAND after the conference.

Movement Mat class with Theo Botha

Join BASI Faculty Theo Botha for an hour-long mat class.

Back to Basics with 5 Advanced Mat exercises with Meredith Rogers

This workshop will focus on the often-neglected aspect of advanced work, the source. We will analyze a number of Pilates matwork exercises to demonstrate the progression of movement and illustrate the connection between the fundamental, intermediate and advanced work.

Healthy Hips – Adapting for lateral hip pain with Simone Wagenaar

These days we are encouraged to live an active lifestyle and enhancing one’s quality of movement is vital to sustaining joint health.

Moving Beyond with Theo Botha

This workshop will look at how to build on fundamental mechanical movements to prepare the body for higher-level repertoire. An array of repertoire will be covered on various pieces of Pilates equipment, giving you the tools to build on the basics to move beyond.


Additional On Demand Mat Classes

BASI Flow Mat class with Jordanna Smith

Join BASI Faculty Jordanna Smith for an hour-long mat class. Take your mat class FLOW to the next level, combining BASI Pilates exercises with dance principles – explore the two forms of movement through body, action, space, time and energy.

BASI Fundamental Flow Mat class with Emily Lamb

Join BASI Faculty Emily Lamb for an hour-long mat class. Emily will be taking you through a deep fundamental mat class flow with a strong focus on bringing awareness and precision into our bodies.

Unilateral Mat class with Sayshie Poynton

Join BASI Assisting Faculty Sayshie Poynton for an hour-long mat class. Playing with unilateral movement patterns to work towards symmetry and perfecting imbalances. Creative combinations and variations, designed to increase strength and challenge stability.