Theo Botha


Inspired by movement and working with people, Theo pursued her passion for Pilates by qualifying through BASI Pilates in 1999 and opened her studio, Body Intellect in 2000 after also completing her Bachelor of Education degree in Dance. What started in a room as big as a garage has since become a premier Pilates studio and the license for BASI Pilates education in South Africa.


Theo is a Principal instructor for BASI Pilates and the first elected faculty member on which Rael has bestowed the honour to teach the Mentor Program under his direction. Having taught Pilates passionately for over 20 years, travelling the globe learning and sharing her knowledge with diverse cultures, she brings to South Africa the high standard that is required from movement professionals.


A firm belief that continued education is the vehicle for professional success, Theo presents, administers and organizes international Pilates events including several LFTL conferences and courses for the global Pilates community. In 2010 Theo founded and chaired the South African Pilates Association (SAPA) giving Pilates a formal voice and setting standards in the industry.


For Theo, there is no greater satisfaction and reward than for people and students to enjoy Pilates and reap the myriad of benefits it offers. Her husband, Riaan and two children, Stephan and Inge are the constant support and motivation in her life.


I absolutely love what I do – Theo

Theo will be presenting the following workshops at LFTL AU 2021
Find and Fix Movement Faults

This workshop serves as an introduction to identifying common faulty movement patterns and how to correct them by applying simple retraining strategies.

With a Twist

In this workshop we’ll be looking at specific joints and how functional rotation can be utilised to optimise joint range, strength, muscle work and improve daily movement. Repertoire on various pieces of Pilates equipment will be covered, giving you an array of possibilities to explore rotation.

Moving Beyond

This workshop will look at how to build on fundamental mechanical movements to prepare the body for higher level repertoire. An array of repertoire will be covered on various pieces of Pilates equipment, giving you the tools to build on the basics to move beyond.



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