Simone Wagenaar


A graduate of a BASI Pilates Comprehensive Teacher Training Program in 2007, I spent the foundation years of my teaching career working under the wing of BASI Principal Faculty Theo Botha. Near the end of 2010 I joined my husband in Auckland New Zealand to start a new adventure.

In Auckland I have worked alongside Pilates Teachers from various methodologies and the same physiotherapists and osteopath for around 10 years.


I have been fortunate to study further with our founder Rael Isacowitz, the Faculty from BASI Pilates South Africa, as well as Shayne & Jordanna Smith, Senior Faculty from BASI Pilates Australia and in January 2018 was invited to join the BASI Pilates Faculty Team.

My favourite adventure of 2019 was working alongside the team from BASI Pilates Korea and my next BASI adventures will be attending the Master 1 & 2 programs at HQ in February 2020.

Simone will present the following workshop at LFTL Pre-Conference 2021

HEALTHY HIPS: Adapting for Lateral Hip Pain

These days we are encouraged to live an active lifestyle and enhancing one’s quality of movement is vital to sustain joint health.



Rael Isacowitz
Rael Isacowitz - USA
Meredith Rogers - USA
Theo Botha - South Africa
Ed Botha - AUS
Jordanna Smith - AUS
Shayne Smith - AUS
Simone Wagenaar - NZ