Jordanna Smith


Jordanna has extensive dancing experience, including ballet, contemporary dance, modern jazz, hip hop, and tap. After completing high school she continued her dance studies by completing an Associate Degree in Dance at the Queensland University of Technology.

In 2002 Jordanna combined her dancing expertise with the Pilates Method and started her Pilates career with the Pilates Institute of Australasia (PIA). Continuing her Pilates education in 2008 Jordanna completed her full Comprehensive Training Course with Body Arts and Science (BASI). In 2011 and 2013 Jordanna learnt directly from her Mentor Rael Isacowitz on the Mentor Program at BASI head quarters, and completed the Master Program in Dec 2014.

Jordanna is a proud BASI Pilates Faculty member, and BASI Pilates Australia Licensee. Her studio Pilates Studio 64 is also the Brisbane host studio for all BASI pilates education and workshops.

Jordanna will present the following workshop at LFTL AU 2021
Breaking down the BASI Block System : Full Body Integration

This workshop will look at the categorisation by region of the body, the objectives and muscle focus while understanding the work on a deeper and more profound level of execution. Learn to apply the appropriate exercise and level of work for the client in mind.



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