Ed Botha


Eduard Botha is an accredited BASI Pilates instructor, with over 13 years of Pilates teaching experience. Prior to taking up Pilates, he was a Martial Arts instructor and a certified personal fitness trainer from the Exercise Teachers Academy in Cape Town, South Africa. He is also a certified Russian Kettlebells trainer.


In 2005, Eduard spent a year teaching and developing Pilates in Beijing, China. He has since had the opportunity to teach BASI Pilates courses in Italy, England, Greece, Singapore, South Africa, Australia, Indonesia and Japan.In 2009 Ed completed an Ashtanga Yoga certification in order to further explore the roots of his Pilates practice.


Ed has had the opportunity to be a guest instructor on Pilates Anytime. In 2016, Ed relocated with his family to Sydney, Australia. He currently teaches at Dynamic Pilates in Manly.  In Australia, Ed works along side fellow BASI faculty, Shayne and Jordanna Smith.

Ed will present the following workshop at LFTL 2020
Pilates for Golf

Explore and practice some of the Pilates repertoire that will complement the unique movement patterns that are required for golf.



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